Our Process

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Our business is called Amazing Days for very good reason - it's not Average Days!

Our process

We design and deliver complete team building events around our brilliant selection of themed challneges. We work hard to get it just right for each and every client. 

We listen and get creative
We usually start by quoting for the challenge only, and then, if the cleint loves the idea and it works with teir budget we will get to work on an entire event programme. We listen intently to gain a full understanding of your aims, objectives and requirements. Then we get creative and work to design the very best event possible within your budget.

We plan, and plan some more…
Once you are happy with our event proposal, we work tirelessly to make sure every eventuality has been planned for, ensuring that the whole event program runs smoothly from start to finish. We never propose anything unless we are 100% certain that we can deliver on it smoothly and effectively.

You relax and we entertain
Working with Amazing Days means that on the day you can relax and get on with the serious business of engaging with your event audience, whether that’s your clients, your colleagues or other stakeholders.