Team Building Challenges

Taggart Challenge - There's been a murder...

The Event

A brilliant challenge themed on the iconic, gritty crime drama Taggart, set in Glasgow for 27 series and over 100 episodes since 1983! (Unofficial and in no way affiliated to the TV show!).

After being shown a reconstruction of the murder on the big screen, teams are briefed and issued with their investigative equipment. Using the subway to get all over the west end of Glasgow, they track down our undercover cops and murder suspects (superb character actors), gathering evidence, solving clues and working together to complete our great fun Taggart themed challenges and hilarious photo challenges along the way!

Teams return from the challenge, enjoy debrief drinks and see the hilarious images of all the teams on the big screen before having the chance to meet the actors – always a really funny part of the event!


What we deliver

• Lifelike, realistic & seriously engaging
• Develop team work & communication
• Brilliant images from challenges
• Showcases the West End of Glasgow
• Novelty of using Glasgow’s subway

The Details

• Glasgow
• Half Day Event
• 10 – 200 Persons
• Very cost effective

The Taggart Challenge has become our most popular team building event; the response we get is always tremendous and we absolutely love delivering it! We can run this event from any venue close to a subway station. 

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