Team Building Challenges

Mad Men meets LUSH


A brilliant team challenge based on the hit US TV drama Mad Men, which follows the exploits of one of New York’s most prestigious advertising agencies in the 1960’s. This fantastic challenge is run in conjunction with well-known high street brand Lush Cosmetics for whom your agencies (teams) must design and pitch a new soap product…

After a fascinating and messy insight into the world of soap making with our experts from LUSH, teams get to try their hand at making their product. This always involves lots of hilarity!

Armed with a selection of arty materials won based on the strength of their agency identity, teams are tasked with creating their exciting new soap product, brand and marketing strategy which they must pitch in front of all the other teams to win over our panel and attract investment. Teams are judged on their product pitch, creativity and teamwork.


  • Teams create their Agency
  • Identify a gap in the market
  • Design and create their product
  • Pitch it like Don Draper
  • Win the business!


  • 1/2 Day Event
  • Any large function space
  • Minimum 20 Persons

A brilliant new challenge which we've been getting a great response from, it's hand's on, it's a wee bit messy and both Mad Men and LUSH are very current and cool! 

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