Team Building Challenges

Formula Fun Grand Prix

The Event

A great event which has teams getting seriously creative, and then even more competitive! 

Teams must create their motorsport team identity and do a wee pitch for sponsorship - always hilarious! They are awarded 'high-tech' materials based on the strength of their pitch (comedy, theatrics, participation & nailing the brief!) to upgrade their karts... 

Armed with cardboard, foam, tinfoil, cable ties, material and duct tape, teams turn their commercial grade pedal karts into slick, stylish grand prix racers - always creating a great buzz in the room.

Everyone who wants a shot on the karts has a go on our superb 'Knothill Racing Circuit', before teams nominate their 2 fastest drivers for the Grand Prix format with heats and final with slick changeovers in the pits.

Then it's a podium finish with Champagne and Luxury Chocolates!

What we deliver

  • Fantastic buzz and atmosphere
  • Super-exciting pedal kart race
  • Builds real team spirit
  • Brilliant shared memories & images
  • Can be done almost anywhere
  • Lasting buzz in the workplace

See for yourself

The Details

  • Almost any open space! 
  • Half Day or Full Day
  • 20 – 100 Persons
  • Bespoke Event Pricing

An absolutley superb event which never fails to get a fantastic resonse. Why not let us run it on the shores of Loch Lomond and we'll add in a gourmet BBQ, drinks and Speedboast Tours?! 


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