Team Building Challenges

Domino Rally Extreme


Teams must come up with their name, logo, motto and key attributes, then deliver a pitch for sponsorship in front of all the other teams. Based on the strength of their pitch they are issued their equipment to enter the “International Domino Rally Championships”.  Equipment includes all sorts of trick kit from the Domino Rally board games; cars loop the loop, planes and rockets launch!

We play our movie on the big screen with shots of world record winning domino rallies for inspiration before team are assigned their 8’ x 4’ MDF platform and materials, including 1000 coloured dominoes.

Teams then create their part of the massive domino rally against the clock, which will link up with the next teams effort, going all the way around the room and finally taking down your massive company logo built from dominos in the center of the space!

Teams are scored on design, flair and creativity before the rally and then deducted points each time the rally stops and has to be manually restarted on their section! Although the teams are competing against each other for points, the event creates a real sense of togetherness as the whole group works together on the huge domino rally! 


  • Up to 20 teams
  • Teams pitch their brand
  • 1000 Dominoes each
  • Cars loop the loop
  • Planes take off
  • Rockets launch
  • All teams work together
  • Huge domino logo
  • Superb prizes


  • ½ Day Event
  • Any large function space
  • Minimum 40 persons



An awesome new team building event – super-engaging and great fun. This one creates a real sense of togetherness and a buzz in the room as everyone works together towards the same goal. 

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