Interactive Falconry

The Event

This experience is unlike any other falconry experience on offer; our falconry partner is the best in the business. Rather than simply watching birds fly, our falconers make the whole experience really interactive with the hawks and eagles flying around guests and between peoples’ legs! They even invite guests to create a tunnel with their arms, which the birds will fly through!

The falconry display is a polished performance; our falconer is a huge character, a real entertainer with lots of witty banter to keep your group laughing throughout.

This is a thrilling activity, which we always get a brilliant response from – people are always really surprised at how much they enjoy it, a highlight of any Scottish programme. 

What we deliver

  • Very Interactive Display
  • Highly Entertaining Falconer
  • Multiple displays for larger groups
  • Huge Variety of Birds

The Details

There are lots of ways to work the falconry experience into your programme, we can entertain your group after lunch or dinner, or it can be included as one of the experiences in a programme for larger groups, where we rotate smaller groups around a few of our activities.

Get in touch to see what we can do for you! 

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