Glasgow Culture Chase

The Event

This is the ultimate tour for any corporate group visiting Glasgow. We have access to well over 20 new Land Rovers and we have a team of fantastic, personable kilted chauffeurs.  All of the cars are in contact over the two-way radios, making for brilliant inter-car banter.

Guests enjoy a personal tour of all the major landmarks of Glasgow and lots of hidden gems that they just wouldn’t see otherwise. The most unique and memorable thing is that they keep on finding our planned surprises along the way - actors, traditional musicians and Scottish cultural performers!

For larger groups, we split them up into smaller groups and the cars set off in different directions - they all enjoy the same experience, just in a slightly different order. Most of the hidden gems, like traditional pubs, venues etc don’t work with large groups.

We love to tailor the tour to suit your tastes; we often include technical industry specific visits and site of interest.

Get in touch so that we can tailor a tour for your colleagues, clients or delegates! 

The Details

  • Glasgow
  • Half Day or Full Day
  • 10 - 120 Persons

This is a brillaint way to show off the very best of Glasgow and to leave your guests in absolutley no doubt that you have created something really special and memorable for them!


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