Scottish Visitor Experiences

Clan Warriors Experience

The Experience

This is the perfect surprise activity to add to any Scottish event!  Whether as part of an outdoor experience like a Highland Games, or during a Scottish Banquet Dinner, our fantastic Clan Warriors are always a highlight! 

The Warriors surround the guests, catching them completely by surprise, bursting into a thrilling and energetic battle re-enactment.  They provide a fantastic display of engaging entertainment based on the ancient dress, weaponry and dance of the Scottish clansmen and women.  Guests will be dressed in full, traditional clan dress and given the chance to try out the ancient weapons from the days of clan battles.

Our Clansmen are actors who have appeared in films such as Braveheart and Gladiator and the US TV show Outlander, and are experts in Scottish Highland Dress and Weaponry. 

What we deliver

  • Ambush
  • Battle Re-enactment
  • Interactive Session
  • Ancient Kilt and Weapons Demo
  • Battle Charge
  • Sword Dancing

The Details

We’ve worked our superb Clan Warriors Experience into lots of different event programmes, and the response we get is always absolutely brilliant!


Get in touch to see how we can work this fantastic spectacle to your Scottish Event!

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